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Dalton Riggs Kerr Dragoon
is the main protaganist of Nighthawks Heroes Series. Nighthawks Heroes Prophecy is the telling of his life and the adventures along the way. He is the hero of the True Worlds and the leader of the Original 14 Nighthawks.


Dalton was born on the planet known as Dragonia. The planet was inhabited by beings known as Dragonians or they would be referred to as members of the Dragon Clan. His father was known as Kentanzuro, leader of the Dragonians and hero of Dragonia. Originally Dragonia was the first planet in existence within the Worlds.

During the time of the evergrowing planet of Dragonia, a prophecy was created by the 14 Ancient Dragonian Gaurdians. The prophecy stated that "A young being with extraordinary and unlimited power will rise up above all other beings within the Worlds, to put an end to the Darkness that is growing. When the boy turns 20 in human years, he will know the truth about who he is and why he is here."

After the prophecy was created, the Gaurdians had died because of using so much power to create it. But they had used the last of their powers to create Dragonia along with creating life. Many years had passed the people of Dragonia were going to the cave where the prophecy scroll was, to test their skills and see if they would be the one chosen to save the Worlds. One Dragonian in particular had gone there to test his skills, his name was Jaskin Ushura, but was sadly mistaken to not be the hero. It wasn't until Kentanzuro had gone there with his wife to see if either of them would be picked, only to be dissapointed. But as they were leaving with everyone watching, the prophecy scroll had glowed a bright golden yellow as an energy stream shot out from it and into Kentanzuro's wife's stomach, giving birth to the hero of this story Notlad Dragoon. 10 years later on Dragonia, after the prophecy scroll had chosen the boy to be the hero, the planet was attacked by an evil for which the people of Dragonia had never axpected, Jaskin. Jaskin had created an army of warriors that would later be known as the Dark Beings. These Dark Beings were comprised of many types of aliens, monsters, demons, and other sorted warriors from across the other now created planets.

During the attack, Kentanzuro, his wife Kusharu, and Notlad had gone to the Dragon Clan's cryo room. Kentanzuro and Kusharu told Notlad to get in the cryo pod so he can be sent somewhere safe. As he entered the pod, his parents had told him something, but he couldn't because the door was closing. The 10 year old boy was then sent off through space as he watched his planet be destroyed by the Dark Beings and as his parents were being killed. The pod the boy was in was sent through a Time Vortex, this is where the boy would loose his memory and his age as he was being sent through time all way to an unknown planet to the aliens called: Earth.

The cryo pod lands in the small city of Simi Valley in the year 1990 and the date was November 7th. As the pod hit the planet, two passing humans see the pod and are immediatly curious with it. They run to the wreckage, open the cracked pod case and find the Dragonian boy. As they lifted him up, they noticed that there was no name indication for the boy, so they decided to give him the name: Dalton Riggs Kerr.

When Dalton first met Jeff Phenx Mikowski Phoenix it was at Knolls Elementary School, they weren't very talkative to one another but that changed when Richard Feclion Gargo Falcon came into the picture. In the beginning of their friendship, Dalton and Jeff didn't really have the patience with one another. in fact they despised each other because Dalton was jelous of Jeff's reputation within the school and somewhat of the city, while Dalton was nothing but a troublemaker. But it wasn't until later that the two of them eventually became best friends and soon after considered each other like brothers.


Throughout the Nighthawks Heroes Series Dalton has had quite a few different outfits from many of his fights.

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